2022 Spring Semester, Overseas Students Safety & Security Seminar (6)

For students to know more about living in Taiwan, the related laws, and what to do when encountering an incident, the Office of International Affairs will hold an Overseas Students Safety & Security Seminar.
We will play English videos in the seminar, including four main topics: Personal Safety & Cultural Difference, Road Traffic Safety, Anti-drug, and Anti-Fraud.
Students who participate in the whole seminar will get the Certificate of Participation.
***Reminder: the "Certificate of Participation" would be a requirement for applying for the scholarship.
Date: 2022.07.24 (Sunday)
Time: 19:30 ~ 20:30
Location: (online) Google Meet
No registration required.
It is suggested to participate in the seminar with the Google account provided by school.
1. These seminars are the same as the one held on March 29, April 22, May 10, July 5 and July 8.
2. There is a maximum number of participants in a Google Meet video call.
3. The seminar will start on 19:30. Students who enter the meet after 19:45 would not get the Certificate of Participation.
4. Students will need to CHECK OUT after the seminar. Please follow the instruction in the seminar.
Please contact Rita Hsieh if you have any questions. (hyhsieh@ntut.edu.tw)
地點:線上講座-Google Meet
1. 講座內容與3月29日、4月22日、5月10日、7月5日、7月8日舉辦之講座相同。
2. Google Meet 有人數上限。
3. 講座於19:30開始,19:45後加入會議者,無法領取參加證明
4. 講座結束後需要「簽退」,請依會議中的說明執行。
若有疑問,請洽國際事務處Rita Hsieh(hyhsieh@ntut.edu.tw)。