【Recruit!】Taiwan Scholarship Outstanding Graduate Student Competition

(Recruitment has ended!)

【Recruit!】Taiwan Scholarship Outstanding Graduate Student Competition

The MOE office is calling for the application of the Taiwan Scholarship Outstanding Award for 2023 Graduate Students!
YOU can be the ONE!!! 
1. Who can apply: The Taiwan Scholarship recipients who will graduate in 2023.

2. Apply Category (choose either one):

     A: Join the volunteer activities

     B: Outstanding in academic performance or competition

     C: Other special performance

3. What to provide: 
     (1) Please list out your outstanding experience by typing and send it by email to Ms. Jenny Yu.
     (2) Please provide one profile photo of yours.
4. Application period: February 9 to February 23, 2023.
The winner will be awarded at the farewell party held by the Taiwan Scholarship Office around May. 
If you are interested, please send a new email with the title "Taiwan Scholarship Outstanding Graduate Student Competition--student number--name" to Ms. Jenny Yu (jennyyu@ntut.edu.tw).