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Extension of application for the Fall semester of 2020

Owning to the COVID-19, Taipei Tech will extend the application for international degree students. 

If applicants want to apply for Taipei Tech, please send out your application before May 7th, 17:00. (GMT+8)





Online Application system

  English version: https://taipeitechexchange.ntut.edu.tw/foreign/index/index/applyForeignSn/28/lang/en

  中文網址: https://taipeitechexchange.ntut.edu.tw/foreign/index/index/applyForeignSn/28/lang/ch


任何申請問題,歡迎寫信至 intstudy@ntut.edu.tw

Any questions, please email us:  intstudy@ntut.edu.tw


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