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RISTEKDIKTI Application to Taipei Tech

Taipei Tech is proud to be a participant of the RISTEKDIKTI Scholarship Program and warmly welcomes qualified students who are sponsored by the program to undertake graduate studies (master’s and doctoral degree programs) in Taiwan.

How to apply

Please apply RISTEKDIKTI Scholarship through Elite Study in Taiwan.

*Note the application period and follow the instructions accordingly.

Step 1 :

Apply to Taipei Tech by following the steps below :
Admissions - International Students

Step 2 :

Under the Scholarship Section of the online application form, please select “Other Scholarships” and put in "RISTEKDIKTI" in the blank for "Name of Scholarship".

Step 3 :

After completing the online application form, if you require a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) to apply for RISTEKDIKTI scholarship, please write to intstudy@ntut.edu.tw and provide your online application number if it is available.

Step 4 :

After you succees apply for RISTEKDIKTI Scholarship, please send the scholarship certificate to intstudy@ntut.edu.tw


Further inquiries please e-mail : intstudy@ntut.edu.tw