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【Foward】Ministry of Education-Internship After Graduating From University in Taiwan

Subject: The Regulations and Application for Internships After Graduating from University



1. Regulations: According to Operation Directions Governing Applications from Overseas Chinese Students, Students from Hong Kong and Macao, and International Students for Internships after Graduating from University/College in Taiwan. (Attachment 1 & 2)


2. Crtieria for Internship Application After Graduation: International students, and overseas Chinese students in Taiwan who do not have household registration who meet any of the criteria listed in Article 2 and have obtained an approval document in accordance with Article 3 from the institute where they propose to undertake the internship (including details of what the internship entails, any financial allowance, and the duration) shall submit their application for a post‐graduate internship to their university or college two months prior to the expiry of their residence permit at the latest. (Attachment 3)


3. Application Deadline: Please fill out the necessary documents and submit them to Ariel Chen via email(arielchen@ntut.edu.tw) BEFORE 2023/05/31.  


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