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Other Scholarships

There are various scholarships available for degree-seeking students at Taipei Tech.

Taipei Tech Consolation Allowance For Overseas Students

Target Overseas students who enroll in the current semester.

Those NTUT international students who have encountered the following circumstances may be issued the emergency allowance.

Each incident is subject to a single application only. Criteria and amount of the emergency allowance for international students are as follows:

  1. Those who unfortunately decease may apply a subsidy up to a maximum of NT$20,000.
  2. Those who suffer from major injury or illness, accidents, or emergencies, and need support may apply a subsidy up to a maximum of NT$20,000.
  3. Other cases approved by the review panel to have financial assistance may apply a subsidy up to a maximum of NT$20,000.
  4. If international students encounter special circumstances and require a higher amount of emergency allowances, the review panel will set a particular case and ask the President for approval of issuance.
  1. For details, refer to the Taipei Tech Policy for Emergency Allowances for International Students.
  2. Each incident is limited to a single application only. Providing that applicants have already applied this emergency allowance, they are not allowed to reapply.
  3. If there is any forged documents or duplicate application, emergency allowance should be returned.
  4. Within 1 month from the date of the incident, please submit all the supporting documents and apply to Overseas Student Advising Section at OIA.


Policy for Emergency Allowances

Application Form

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