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Apply for Work Permit

Work Permit

International students who wish to do internship, department research or part-time job in Taiwan (either on-campus or off-campus) are required to apply for and obtain a work permit before starting work.

Warning:If you are caught breaking the rules, you will be fined (30,000NTD~150,000NTD), and you will be deported back to your country.

A. Applicable Objects

International students, Overseas Chinese students and other international Students of Chinese origin enrolled in a public or registered private college/university

B. Online Application Procedure (Please refer to the attached file.)

  1. Link to the application website:https://ezwp.wda.gov.tw (IE browser is appropriate.)
  2. Apply for an account.
  3. Login, and then click “Student Application Management”to add application.
    1. "Work Permit" :If it is your first time applying or your work permit is expired, please select this item.
    2. "Permit Re-issue" :If you lose your unexpired work permit, please select this item.

  4. Complete the application form
    1. There are two ways to pay examination fee. One is ATM, the other one is postal remittance. If you have any problem as you enter examination fee, you could click on “?”. The system will show the instruction.
    2. If you do not select this item, “pickup in person”, the agency will send your working permit to school. When OIA get it, we will email to you.

  5. Upload the file
    1. Upload student ID card file (back and front) with this semester register stamp to "Photocopy of student ID card" folder.
    2. Upload unexpired passport file to "Photocopy of Passport" folder.
    3. Upload unexpired ARC file (back and front) to "Front and back photocopy of the resident certificate" folder.
    4. Upload school required document as the attached file to “others” folder. If you do not have job now, please let us know your direction.
      Job Title:Waiter
      It is a direction. If you get different job, it will be OK.
      After you get all stamps from your teacher and department, please upload the document.

  6. Send the application to school
    1. Please check the application online status frequently. If your application status is retreated or shows corrections, the system will also show the reason, and please revise and submit again.


C. Other Regulations

  1. For applications made in the first semester, the work permit is valid until March 31th of the next semester; for applications made in the second semester, the work permit is valid until September 30th of the same year. The period validity of a work permit is six months at most.
  2. Except of winter and summer vacation, the maximum work hours are 20 hours per week.
  3. Students should return the work permit (if still valid) to the OIA if they suspend or discontinue their schooling.
  4. For more details and regulations, please refer to Workforce Development Agency website (http://www.wda.gov.tw/).

Document Download

Website User Manual For Work Permit


Work Permit Application for Taipei Tech International Students

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