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Taipei Tech is located in the center of Taipei city and near many business areas, providing easy access to restaurants, shopping malls, cultural scenes, and the bustling night life. Students have many economical choices of dining on the campus and the university's health clinic offers simple medical treatments to students free of charge.

The housing options for exchange students include on-campus dormitories and off-campus housing. If you'd like finding housing in Taipei city, you may choose to stay in a hostel for a few days and look for a long-term accommodation. We advise you to come a little earlier before the beginning of the term, allowing sufficient time to settle in. Most students stay in short-term accommodation (Inn Cube, Taipei Hostel, Holo Family Hostel, etc) for a few days while looking for a long-term option.


On-campus dormitory is available; however, not all requests will be guaranteed due to limited space.

The contact of dormitory arrangement:
Ms. Vivien Chen
+886-2-27712171 Ext.6525

FEE 2 Bedded Room 4 Bedded Room
Deposit for Accommodation NT$1,000 NT$1,000
Accommodation Fee NT$22,500 (per semester) NT$11,250 (per semester)

* Currency Exchange Rate: 1 USD = 32 NTD 

** On-Campus Dormitory Facilities: Clink Here


Off-campus dormitory is available; however, not all requests will be guaranteed due to limited space.

FEE 4 Bedded Room
Deposit for Accommodation NT$1,000
Accommodation Fee NT$9,000 (per semester)


Tips for finding an accommodation

(1) Use the MRT (subway) route map as a Reference

Taipei's subway system, MRT, is the backbone of Taipei's public transportation. Mandarin Traning Center is located near (1) Guting Station; (2) Taipower Building Station; (3) Dongmen Station. Choosing a location close to one of the three MRT stations is a quick way to find an accommodation at a close distance to the MTC. For the route map of MRT, please click here.


(2) Types of accommodation & Price Ranges

Please see the following table for the three common types of accommodation and their price ranges per month around Taipei city :

Type Description Price range (per month)
Du-li Tao-fang
An independent room with a bathroom NT$12,000~
Du-li Ya-fang
An independent room without a bathroom. Tenants must use a shared bathroom. NT$ 9,000~
An aparment. You may rent an apartment or share with others. A room in a shared apartment is usually cheaper than a Du-li Tao-fang. NT$25,000~

Note : The average rent is an estimate based on leases with at least one year's length.


(3) Where to find rental ads

The following websites provide rental ads in English and Chinese

Disclaimer : The above links are referrals only. Taipei Tech is not liable for any future conflicts that might arise between the tenants and the owners (landlords/landladies). Rental decisions should be made at the tenant’s own discretion.


(4) A few reminders for signing a lease

When you sign the lease, in addition to the first month's rent, the landlord will generally ask for two months' rent as a deposit. The deposit will be returned in full or deducted based on the condition of the accommodation at the time of departure.

As photos are not always reliable, we strongly suggest you not to sign a long-term lease before you arrive in Taiwan and inspect the accommodation in person. 


Cost of Living

Roughly speaking, the cost of living in Taipei is about NT$18,000 to NT$28,000 per month (tuition excluded). The figure varies depending on each individual's living style. Please prepare sufficient funds to finance your stay in Taipei before arriving.


Cash & Credit Cards

Most Taiwan banks are connected to the Cirrus or Plus network, which generally accept foreign bank cards aligned with these systems. Credit cards are accepted by most chained stores and some restaurants. However, the daily withdrawal limit at ATMs for foreign bank cards is NT$20,000 or even less. It is recommended that exchange students bring some cash or traveler's checks of major world currency because some large amount payments must be paid in cash, such as rents or Taipei Tech tuition. Cash or traveler's checks in the currencies of USD, Euro or Yen can be exchanged in most banks.