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Taipei Tech International Student Association (TTISA) is establishing and recruiting!

Taipei Tech International Student Association (TTISA) is establishing and recruiting!


In order to

  • better assist international students with adjusting to school life and environment,
  • achieving greater academic and career success
  • while building connections,

the Office of International Affairs (OIA) has decided to help with the foundation of the
Taipei Tech International Student Association (TTISA).

The TTISA will be composed of Taipei Tech’s international students. TTISA leaders will be collaborating
closely with the OIA, and will be able to participate in international affairs and events,
(ex. You will be able to plan and execute welcome and farewell parties for international students,
and get first-hand information regarding international business internship opportunities!

TTISA leaders will also be representing Taipei Tech international students’ thoughts and voices,
earn more available resources for the community, and will become the window between international students
and others.
TTISA will work closely with OIA on planning more fun and interesting events for international students
from different cultural backgrounds to make friends with each other, to grow, learn and create a greater
college life together!


Are you interested in

  • developing leadership,
  • expanding various skill-sets,
  • meeting people from different cultures and
  • planning events?

Do you want to build your community by being part of a dynamic international organization?

Taipei Tech International Student Association (TTISA) is now recruiting!!
Fill out this form and come to our information meeting to learn more:


📅 1st Information Meeting: 4/29 (Thu.) 12:10 – 12:30 PM @Room 606, General Studies Building

📅2nd Information Meeting: 5/12 (Wed.) 12:10 – 12:30 pm @ Room 606, General Studies Building

FEEL FREE TO CONTACT JOY AT THE OIA E-mail: peilinyu@ntut.edu.tw

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