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Latest CDC Announcement on Strengthening Quarantine Measures for Arrivals Starting June 27

Please see latest CDC Announcement: "In response to spread of Delta variant globally, Taiwan to strengthen quarantine measures for arrivals starting June 27"

On June 25, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that starting 00:00 on June 27 (time of arrival in Taiwan), quarantine measures for arriving travelers will be strengthened as the Delta variant continues to spread globally and is highly transmissible. Details about strengthened quarantine measures are listed below.

A. Travelers arriving in Taiwan from "key high-risk countries"(including those who have visited those countries in the past 14 days and those who have transited in those countries): after they enter Taiwan via airport or port, such travelers will be required to quarantine in group quarantine facilities for 14 days and undergo PCR tests for COVID-19 upon checking in at group quarantine facilities and at the end of their quarantine period; such travelers are not required to pay group quarantine facility accommodation and testing fees. Currently, "key high-risk countries" include Brazil, India, the UK, Peru, Israel, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

B. Travelers arriving Taiwan from countries other than the seven countries will be required to stay in a quarantine hotel or a group quarantine facility at their own expense for 14 days after arrival; they shall also undergo a PCR test before the end of their quarantine period.

C. Flight crew members of Taiwanese airlines, after returning to Taiwan from "key high-risk countries", shall undergo home quarantine for 14 days and take a PCR test at the end of their quarantine period; they shall also stay in a quarantine hotel or a company dormitory that meets related regulations.


  • For students who are considering leaving Taiwan during this time, please keep in mind that you are no longer able to do self-quarantine at your rental place (see above B).
  • If you plan to leave Taiwan, please make sure you inform the below units so the school is aware of your plan of leaving and is able to assist you regarding your study, scholarship and other rights.

         (1) For foreign students, please contact both OIA Joy Yu (peilinyu@ntut.edu.tw) Kailing Chen (kailingchen@ntut.edu.tw),

               For Overseas Chinese students, please contact OIA Nikita Ko (nikita11534@ntut.edu.tw)

         (2) your advisor and department,

         Please make sure you leave time for discussion with the aboveunits before leaving so none of your rights are affected.

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