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Audition for 2021 Taipei Tech International Festival 2021(Extended) 北科大國際之夜表演內容延長徵選中

Hello international students!

Mark your calendar for our upcoming international festival on Oct. 22nd, 2021.

2021 Taipei Tech International Festival, taking place on the upcoming Oct. 22, will celebrate diversity with international students of the University system of Taipei.

We invite Taipei Tech's high school (TYIA) and National Taiwan College of Performing Arts (NTCPA) to perform Traditional Lion Dance Performance, Jiu-jiusu, Beijing drama as our guest appearance.

舞龍舞獅2.jpg image.pngimage.png  D:\Lilian\D.高教深耕\110\國際交流\表演節目\IMG_9902.jpg  D:\set\秋容\系介紹\月光下傳說照片精選\IMG_1277.JPG

Our online audition has extended to September 6th! We are still looking for enthusiastic performer and teams (up to 4 persons per team) to participate in our online audition to perform at the Oct. 22nd event!


Don’t miss out this awesome opportunity to present yourself and communicate through cultural dance, singing, act or any other cultural performances!

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, audition would be held online with a maximum of 4 members per team.

Audition Qualification: students no limit on age, gender, ethnicity, or nationality

Scan the QR code and Submit your performance video online no later than Sep. 6th, 2021.

Gifts & Prizes: Students who performed on International Festival will be offered gifts from Taipei Tech OIA and will get a chance to win gift cards of $100-$1000!

2021 taipei tech international festival.png



除了這些演出,我們仍持續在招募富有創意的學生()來參加國際之夜表演內容的線上徵選,豐富活動精采度並成為當天的活動亮點! 目前徵選截止日將延展至9月6日




請在9/6前掃描QR Code並上傳表演影片至報名表單


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