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The 2nd TTISA President and Vice President By-election(7/27-29) & Candidate Registration(7/8)

Because the candidates did not reach the electoral threshold, the by-election of the 2nd TTISA President and Vice President has begun. If you are willing to run for the by-election, please fill in the form as registration before July 8, 2022.

The result of the first election:

According to the electoral threshold, the 2nd TTISA President and Vice President were not elected by the first election. The candidates did not reach the electoral threshold.
The group No. 1 candidates are candidate of President, Lai Chiu Lok (Lokia Lai) and candidate of Vice President, Tsang Yue Tin.
The number of valid ballots is 27, the number of consenters is 4, the number of dissenters is 23.

Electoral threshold: The number of valid ballots reaches 100, and the number of consenters is more than that of dissenters.
1. If the threshold level is not reached, the by-election shall be announced within 7 days after the announcement of the first election result, and shall be completed within 30 days.
2. If the new President and Vice-President cannot be elected after the by-election, the last former President and Vice-President, the instructor and administrative consultants of the association shall have a discussion and reach a consensus, and the appropriate people will be appointed.

The announcement of the by-election:

Candidacy: All overseas/international students including foreign students, overseas Chinese students, and Mainland Chinese students enrolled in National Taipei University of Technology.

The Main Missions of the 2nd President and Vice President: Revise TTISA statute, extend the organization, and hold events related to international students.

Tenure of Office: 1 year. (From August 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023.)

Electoral Threshold: The number of valid ballots reaches 100, and the group of candidates who get the highest number of votes shall be elected.


The 2nd TTISA President and Vice President By-election

  • By-election related schedule and matters




Candidate Registration of By-election

6/30 – 7/8

Fill in the 👉Google form👈 for candidate registration.

Lot-Drawing to Determine the Candidates’ Number Designation of By-election

14:00, 7/11

Come to the OIA and draw lot to determine the candidates’ number designation.

Campaign Activities of By-election

7/8 – 7/26

The group of people to be elected(candidates) shall do the campaign activities in legal way.

Submit Political Views Materials of By-election



  1. Format of video shall be “.mp4”, 5-minute long is the limitation. The content of video could choose to present mother tongue or English, but English subtitles are must required.
  2. Video of political views will be uploaded to the OIA’s official YouTube channel, and be set up in public.


  1. All English written within 3 pages of A4, no limitation of words, but check the sample for reference.
  2. Report of political views will be sent out as “Election Bulletins” to all the overseas students enrolled in Taipei Tech for reading.

The Distribution Bulletins and Voter Notification of By-election


Email sending to voters the report of political views and the notification of voting.

Voting of By-election

7/27 – 7/29

Use NTUT’s online voting system to vote for 3 days.

Electee List Announcement


Sum up the number of votes for each group of candidates and the list of elected candidates will be announced.

The Awarding of Electee Certificates


Come to the OIA and get the electee certificates.


  • Handover Schedule after the By-election




The handover ceremony of incumbent and incoming President(P) and Vice President(VP)


Inherited the crucial keepsakes including the stamp of TTISA, bank account book and ledger.

The handover of incumbent and incoming Executive Board(EB) and Team Members(TM)

8/2 – 8/31

Handover list of each position’s responsibilities.

New P and VP

Revise the Constitution of TTISA and organize the EB and TM.

8/2 – 8/31

  1. Discuss about the modification of the statute of TTISA with diverse perspectives of professional advice. Host a general assembly to officially announce the revised version of statute of TTISA.
  2. Construct a strong and healthy EB and TM in an enlarge structure of organization.

New EB and TM

Plan and execute the events for next half-year.

8/2 – 12/31

  1. Divide into 2 group of people to plan and execute the events of Fall Welcome Party and Christmas at the same time.
  2. Reception of new overseas studentsStudent Buddy Program


Taipei Tech International Student Association (TTISA)


  1. The purpose of the establishment is to gather international students in adaptation to the local environment.
  2. To strengthen the relationship among international students, establish a good life and study, and integrate local inheritance.
  3. To integrate learning goals and explore future career pathways for international students.
  4. Assist and organize various activities to promote local inheritance and interaction.

Social Media
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Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/ntut.ttisa/?__tn__=C-R






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