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【Forward】Industrial Development Bureau, RunSpace Innovation Challenge

The Organizer of this event is the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Executive Organizer is the Institute for Information Industry.

2nd RunSpace Challenge is coming!
No matter what field you specialize in, we need your help to complete our mission! Team up! Let’s get into the universe!

【About the Competition】

■Registration time- From now on to June 30th 12pm, 2023
■Team composition- No limitation on nations and age. There can be 1~5 members and up to 2 mentors in each time.
■Competition Theme- "Ground Equipment & Services", "Satellite Manufacturing", "Satellite Service", "Satellite Launch" and other aspects, including information system integration, data processing, information security protection, Internet of Things, etc. can participate in the submission.
■Competition Mechanism- 10 slides presentation with required format for Preliminary Review (Mandarin or English); presentation in English with required format, project demonstration, 90-second video with English subtitle should be submitted in final phase.
■Prize- Champion team can get $200,000 NTD; Second place team can get $100,000 NTD; Third place team can get $50,000 NTD. Finalist awards and Sponsor’s favorite award are also included.
■To visit our website: https://runspacechallenge.com/tw/index.html
■Register for online English orientation: https://ievents.iii.org.tw/eventS.aspx?t=0&id=2069

If you would like to know more about the competition, please write to runspace@bhuntr.com or call02-6631-1535 Ms. Huang /02-6631-1259 Ms. Lo

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