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2023 Fall Semester International Graduate Student Scholarship Result List

Please find the attachment for the result.

Congratulations to the awarded graduate students!

Result List: Master

Result List: Doctoral


Important information:

1. Tuition subsidy does not include fees like dorm, books, insurance, etc.

Therefore, every awarded student still has to log into the Taiwan Bank tuition bill payment system to pay for your miscellaneous fee, insurance, and dorm fee.

2. Please finish your tuition bill payment during August 24 to September 7.

3. For PhD students who passed the scholarship renewal, after finishing your tuition fee payment, please bring the following items to OIA and sign as confirmation for your enrollment status during the period listed below.

Signing period: 2023 September 4 to September 19, every 10:00~12:00 and 13:30~17:00.

(1) Tuition bill receipt (Hardcopy)

(2) Student card

(3) Valid ARC

4. The first month of stipend will be issued to the students who completed signing around the end of September.

*If you cannot come to sign in time, please contact Ms. Jenny (jennyyu@ntut.edu.tw) to reserve for other time.

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