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【Forward】Taiwan Amusement Park Fun Play International Ambassador

The oiganizers of the event is the Tourism Bureau, MOTC, and the Taiwan Amusement Park Association.


【Purpose of the event】
Taiwan has 27 tourist amusement parks, and together they offer a diversity of attractions, such as mechanical amusement parks, cultural experiences, natural adventures, ecological vacations, and animal care. The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) promotes the brand of “Taiwan Amusement Park” through this event. It utilizes the themes of “knowledge,” “digital power,” “influencing” (particularly through the social media efforts of international young people), and “a park is a schoolyard.” These can spread awareness of the features and joyful vitality of Taiwan’s tourist amusement parks to the world. This will help attract more international tourists to Taiwan, turn the tourist amusement parks into must-see scenic spots, and help promote the Taiwan Amusement Park brand.


【Event Description】
The event will select 50 international ambassadors to experience a 2-day, 1-night amusement park tour that incorporates itineraries with diverse themes. The ambassadors will be able to introduce to the world the charm of Taiwan Amusement Parks through their own eyes and using their own creativity. Viewers will also be able to vote for who they think are the best promotional spokespersons. International ambassadors who share their posts and videos through social media platforms will have a chance to win the highest popularity prize of NT$30,000.


【Recruitment and Registration Platforms】
Google Form
The information about the event is simultaneously announced on the following platforms: (1) The official website of Amusement Park in Taiwan (2) The Facebook fan page of the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC).

Please refer to the attachment for more information (criteria, awards, itinerary planning) about the event.


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