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2024 Spring Semester, Overseas Students Safety & Security Seminar

Dear all overseas students,

'Overseas Students Safety & Security Seminar' for Spring semester of 2024 will be held at 
Shih-Hsiung Hall, 1F, Integrated Technology Complex at 10:00 am on 2nd April, 2024. You are strongly encouraged to attend this seminar.


This seminar is holding once every semester. Overseas students in Taipei Tech are requested to attend at least once every year. If you have not attended the 2 times this year(2024), please be sure to participate next year(2025).
We hope overseas students could get more awareness of safety and security staying in Taiwan.

Especially for the overseas students who want to apply, have been applying for or have received any scholarship and stipend, you are reqested to participate in the seminar. Please be aware of your right and opportunity. Thank you for your attention!


The information of seminar is shown below:

Link for registration:https://oia.ntut.edu.tw/p/423-1032-3359.php?Lang=zh-tw

350 overseas students are limitted. Registration will be ended by 12:00 pm, 26th March, 2024. Please seize the chance to attend!


Date:Tuesday, 2nd April, 2024.
Time of Entry:10:00 am
Time of Seminar:10:00 am-12:00 pm
Place:Shih-Hsiung Hall, 1F, Integrated Technology Complex
Instructor:Director Lin, Traffic Division, Taipei City Police Department
Theme:Sharing Cases in Traffic Concept and Regulation in Taiwan
Target Audience:NTUT overseas students
(including overseas Chinese students, foreign students, and Mainland Chinese students).
Limited Participants:350 overseas students
Deadline of Registration:12:00 pm, Tuesday, 26th March, 2024.
1. Pastry box will be served, in order to have the preparation, 
 please DO register in advance and select your dining preference.
2. On-site applicants will be charged an additional handling fee of NT$50.
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