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113-1 Taipei Tech Chinese-Proficient Scholarship (Hua Yu Scholarship) Renewal Application (July 17-24)

Application Qualification

Current students: Undergraduate foreign students who have proven their superior proficiency in the Chinese language may qualify to the scholarship.

Important Announcement

1. We will only accept application online.

2. The online application system will be available to upload from July 17 (Wednesday) at 9:00 AM, 2024.


**If you want to apply but failed to log in, please contact Ms. Jenny (jennyyu@ntut.edu.tw) as soon as possible.

Please name your email title as "Hua-Yu Application--Your student number--Your name."

3. The instruction for online submitting is attached, please read them carefully. [LINK]


Required Documents(All required)

1. Application Form (Please download the file and type the information; only the signature must be signed by hand!)

Please make sure you have checked and filled out every blank on the form!

2. Certificate of proficiency in the Chinese language (photo copy of one kind of certificate listed below)

  • A proof of a score of B or better on the TOCFL.
  • A score of C (Chinese language) or better on the SPM in Malaysia
  • A score of C or better on the Unified Examination Certificate on the Chinese language in Malaysia.

3.  Official English transcript of the latest 2 semesters. (Please print out the transcript after July 15)

4.  Certificate of Participant of the Overseas Students Safety and Security Seminar

**If you do not have this certificate, please contact Ms. Cindy (cindy0623@ntut.edu.tw) as soon as possible.

**If you have the certificate with the date after 2023/6/1 (112/6/1) , you may use it to apply.

**If you have not attended the seminar before, you can still apply this time, but must attend the next seminar and provide the certificate within a year.



Tuition Fee Subsidy 50% for one school year (2024 Fall and 2025 Spring Semester).


Application Uploading Period From July 17, 9:00 AM to July 24, 17:00 PM 2024. (The earlier, the better)


Please refer to the instructions and check all your documents before submitting carefully.

Late submissions will not be considered.

For more information, you can follow the instructions attached.

If you have any questions, please contact OIA Ms. Jenny Yu (jennyyu@ntut.edu.tw) with the email title of "Your question--student number--Your name."

Please pay attention to your email in case you miss any important information.

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