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The Sinotech Group "2019 Engineering Training Camp for Overseas Students"

1. Invitation Target:Students studying civil engineering, water conservation, and evnironmental engineering in ASEAN and South Asia universities where Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Inc. and Sinotech Foundation for Research & Development of Engineering Science & Technologies provide merit scholarships, who are also proficient in English speaking, reading, and listening.

2. Duration:August 6~8, 2019

3. Language of Instruction:English

4. Class Location:Taipei

5. Application:Please find attached QR code, scan it and fill out the application form.

6. Application Deadline:May 31st, 2019

7. Fee:free of charge;the organizers are responsible for all food and lodging expenses.

8. Contact Information:Mr. Chen (02)8791-9198 #458 ;chilung@sinotech.org.tw
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