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2018 Taipei Tech Foreign Undergraduate Students Scholarship Application Available

I. Funds by Ministry of Education, Higher Education Sprout Project

II. Application deadline: 5:00p.m. August 9th

III. Eligibility of Applicants:

        1. (1) All current Taipei Tech international undergraduate students who have completed at least one semester at Taipei Tech

            (2) Recipients of scholarship or subsidy offered by any government, research or educational institution will NOT be considered.

        2. With an average grade ranked within 60% in the department and a conduct grade of 80 and above, and has never been seriously admonished.

           (1)With an average grade ranked within 20% in the department

           (2)With an average grade ranked between 20.01-40% in the department

           (3)With an average grade ranked between 40.01-60% in the department

IV. Required Documents

  1. Application Form(Click to download)
  2. Official Transcript of this semester (Spring take 2018)
  3. Proof of departmental ranking 學生歷年成績名次證明書(系排名)※You may get it after August 1
  4. Photocopy of passbook

V. If you have any questions or want to submit the application form, please visit Ayda at Office of International Affairs.

E-mail: aydalee@ntut.edu.tw

Tel: 02-27712171 ext. 6515

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