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2018 Taipei Tech Foreign Graduate Students Hua Yu Learning Allowance Application Available

I. Funds by Ministry of Education, Higher Education Sprout Project

II. Application deadline: The Allowance Review is held monthly to accelerate the refund process.

*Please directly contact CLTC staff for the exact deadline of each month.

III. Eligibility of Applicants:

  1. (1) All current Taipei Tech international graduate students with valid Student ID

     (2) Recipients of scholarship or subsidy offered by any government, research or educational institution will NOT be considered.

  1. With 70% attendance of the Chinese class and pass the final test.

IV. Required Documents

  1. Application Form(Click to download)
  2. Original receipt and the copy one
  3. Photocopy of passbook

V. If you have any questions or want to submit the application form, please visit Ayda at Office of International Affairs.

E-mail: aydalee@ntut.edu.tw

Tel: 02-27712171 ext. 6515

VI. If you are interested, you may contact Chinese Language Training Center (CLTC) directly.

Monday to Friday 9:30~17:30(Not on the weekend)

GHB Room216 光華館二樓216室




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