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Taipei Tech Campus Life 1

Applying for a mobile/cell phone & number

Telecom Company Address Service time
Chunghwa Telecom No.214, Sec.3, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Taipei 11:00-21:30
Far East Tone No.227, Sec.3, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Taipei 11:30-21:30
Taiwan Mobile No.2, Sec.3, Civil Blvd., Taipei 11:00-21:00
T STAR No.226, Sec.3, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Taipei 11:00-21:00

Restaurants around Campus

Off-campus restaurants: Kuang Hua 3C Mall

Taiwan is renowned for its food, from the street foods at night markets to the numerous eateries and restaurants that line its streets. Students and guests are welcome to explore for themselves the many facets of Taipei.