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Course Selection Information & Payment Information

Course Selection Information

  1. Course System
  2. Course Add/Drop Period
    Within the first two weeks of the semester; read Enrollment Notice and Academic Calendar for details.
  3. Midterm Course Withdrawal Period
    Before or after mid-term examination; read Enrollment Notice and Academic Calendar for details.

Payment Information

  1. Tuition Fees: Please refer to Tuition and Fees.
  2. On-campus Internet Usage Fee: NTD 400 / semester. Every student is required to pay this fee.
  3. Student Accident Insurance Fee: Approx. NTD300 / semester
  4. National Health Insurance Fee: NTD 4,956 / semester
  5. Dormitory Fee
    1. Taipei Tech dormitory (on-campus) fee: Approx. NTD 9,900 / semester
    2. Nangang dormitory (off-campus) fee: Approx. NTD 9,000 / semester
    3. Haishan dormitory (off-campus) fee: Approx. NTD 7,850 / semester
    4. Rental deposit NTD 1,000 per person will be charged, and will be refunded when withdrawing from dorms.
    5. Residents will be asked to pay the dormitory fee by day if the length of stay is less than one month.