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dual degree apply #5

University of Cincinnati, College of Engineering 1+1 Dual Master Degree

Language Proficiency TOEFL(ibt)≧85, IELTS≧6.5,Pearson≧47
Academic Achievement GRE not required, GPA≧3.0, QPA≧75
Admission Accepting Spring、Fall semesters

Spring : UC online system close around Mid- September
Taipei Tech has to send out recommendation list before 9/20
Enrollment Verification : around 10/5

Fall : UC online system close around Early- February
Taipei Tech has to send out recommendation list before 2/15
Enrollment Verification : around 3/15

Reference(Includes content of the program, Agreement…etc)
  • Program (PS: Regarding the Capstone Project, after the 1st semester you can do your Capstone Project at Taipei Tech if you decide to come back. After you finish the Capstone Project, you should provide the paper to UC to fulfill the graduation requirement. And they will help you to finish the rest of the procedure then send you the diploma.)
  • Application Flow Chart
  • Agreement
Student Health Insurance https://med2.uc.edu/student-health-insurance
Cost Estimate

The following pertains to the scholarship amount and cost of tuition for students who are admitted to the Dual Master's Degree Program at UC.

🎓1st semester at UC
Based on the latest Fall 2020 figures, the amount of scholarship (termed GIA Award*) offered to students in the first term is USD 5,096.00. Students' out-of-pocket expenses for tuition and fees will thereafter be USD9,818.00 after deducting the scholarship from the total cost of USD14,914.00 shown below.

UC Fees

*Graduate Incentive Award (GIA) is a scholarship automatically guaranteed by UC to all admitted students.

🎓2nd semester at UC
Studying for the 2nd semester is generally optional and is especially suited for students who have secured an intership to complete the capstone project in the United States.
The scholarship awarded will be higher in the 2nd semester, which according to spring 2021, the amount is USD10,582.00.

All costs for tuition and fees paid by students for the 2nd semester is thus dramatically lowered to USD4,332.00.

UC Fees

✔️A few other things to note...
1. GIA Award is paid toward tuition as described above. Students are responsible for all living expenses and all other expenses.

2. Awards beyond the first year will be based on student performance and availability of funds.

3. All fees are subject to increase as the fees above are based on 2020/2021 rates.

Application Process

Step1 :
Submit your application through the UC portal (Link to website: https://grad.catalyst.uc.edu/apply/)

Step2 :
Applicants should also submit your Language Proficiency Certificate, C.V., and Transcript to Lucia (E-mail : 

luciaccs@ntut.edu.tw), before the application deadlines set for each semester.

Step3 :
If you got accepted in the preliminary review, OIA will recommend you to the partner university.

Step4 :
Once you received the Enrollment Verification, please scan it and send to Lucia (ext. 6524)

Step5 :
Please fill out the Application Form and hand it to us, we will inform your department and help with the administration procedure in Taipei Tech.