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dual degree apply #2

University of Akron, Department of Polymer Science/Engineering 3+2 Bachelor & Master

Language Proficiency TOEFL:pbt≧550, ibt≧79
Academic Achievement GPA≧3.0
Admission Fall
Application Taipei Tech has to send out recommendation list before mid-September
Interviews in October/November
Students invited to apply in December
Applications due in January
Decisions made in February
Reference(Includes content of the program, Agreement…etc)
  • Flyer
  • Agreement

Application Process

Step1 :
For the preliminary review, Hand in your Language Proficiency Certificate、C.V.、Transcript to Eva (E-mail: evv430@ntut.edu.tw), before mid-September.

Step2 :
Interview with Akron, they will suggest if you are qualified.

Step3 :
Once you received a positive feedback from Akron, please apply on online system.

Step4 :
Once you received the Enrollment Verification, please scan it and send to Eva (ext. 6524)

Step5 :
Please fill out the Application Form and hand it to us, we will inform your department and help with the administration procedure in Taipei Tech.