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dual degree apply #8

Waseda University, Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems 1+1 Dual Master/ 3+2 Bachelor & Master

Program 1+1Dual Master: F course
3+2Bachelor & Master: G course
Admission Spring、Fall

Spring : Previous Year June/ September/ November

Fall : Previous Year November, Same Year January/ April

Reference(Includes content of the program, Agreement…etc)
  • Waseda Website
  • Agreement

Students who were recommended by Taipei Tech, can apply for the scholarship in their frist year, and the scholarship will be issued in two semesters seperately.

But if your academic performance doesn’t reach their expectation, Waseda has the right to stop issuing the scholarship for the 2nd semester.

Also maximum, only three people per year will receive the scholarship.

Cost Estimate (according to 2019 Admission Guide)

Application Process

Step1 :
Apply on the system

Step2 :
Once you finished the online application, please screenshot the page and send it to Eva(evv430@ntut.edu.tw). We will use it as a reference for confirming the application list with the partner university. Also if the applicants for the scholarship are more than the number of people we agreed. We will prioritize the people who applied first, and discuss with College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering to decide the final list.

Step3 :
Once you received the Enrollment Verification, please scan it and send to Eva (ext. 6524)

Step4 :
Please fill out the Application Form and hand it to us, we will inform your department and help with the administration procedure in Taipei Tech.